Feb 232019

I was joking with someone at work about my pitiful state tax refund – all $34 of it – and she told me that she has $1.50 in her bank account but then she got an email from Netflix saying they “fixed the problem” – meaning that she got her state tax refund and they were able to pull the funds needed to pay for another month.

If I were down to my last $1.50 in my bank account I’d be freaking out. More than freaking out… I’d be desperate. How do people live like that?? I get it if you have no choice but she really does… show up for work, do your job, get paid instead of calling out when you have no PTO – that’d be a great way to start.

She told me that I should watch this movie but it’s only available on HBO – I don’t have HBO or any other special channels… can I afford it? Sure. Do I need it? Not really. If I can’t get it on Hulu or Netflix then I just don’t need it. Maybe she could save money by not having 1000 extra channels… just a thought.

I was talking to the lead who is in charge of just one of the three jobs I do and I was telling him how I just needed ONE point, last Friday, to leave for the day but I kept getting orders that I had to work but gave me no points. He said “You could have just resolved the edit on the order.” (which we are NOT supposed to do). I just kind of stared at him for a minute and then said “I rail again people who do that (because they are double dipping for points), why would I do that myself?”

Integrity means nothing to these people, apparently.

Let’s talk about the calling job I do, shall we?

Last Wednesday I had to deal with…

  • Someone who was talking to his wife and me at the same time and I didn’t know who he was addressing so sometimes I’d say something and he’d say “Not you!” and other times he’d say “Hello? HELLO?!” and that’s when I realized he was asking me a question and not his wife.
  • A woman who answered her phone while driving and couldn’t hear me.
  • A woman who kept giving me the disgusted sigh all through my introduction and why I was calling even though she is the one who insists on being called for *every* order to get her consent to send it.
  • A guy who orders all his wife’s meds but is not her personal rep so he had to read off all his wife’s medications because I’m not allowed, per HIPAA, to tell him which medication I was calling about unless he came up with it on his own. She had a lot of medications.
  • And either a guy who was screwing with me or I really did have the number for the NYC morgue. Either way he hung up on me.

Yeah… that last one did me in.

Then, yesterday, my first half hour in the queue gave me 15 orders I couldn’t work because they were in different states with different time zones and it was too early to call so I put them on my shelf and put in the time to fall off my shelf at exactly the minute that it was 8:00 in that time zone. So for over an hour and a half I, basically, called my way across the country starting in Texas, then on to Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, and Arizona.

In the end I had two more to make at 11:00 for California and Oregon but I decided that I wasn’t going to stick around in that queue just to make those two calls. We get talked to about our “release rate” but we have orders that come to us that are already worked and we can’t do anything with them so we have to let them go and this counts toward our release rate but because I keep mine so low – only releasing those orders that I absolutely have no edit to work – I can afford to allow releasing just one order, every day, that I don’t really want to (or know how to) work. My supervisor actually gave me (and one other person) permission to release these types of orders if it’s only like one or two AND if my release rate was low that day.

On Friday I had had no orders come to me that were worked already so I hadn’t had any that I had to release – I could easily afford to let both those orders go back into the queue and go on to my next job without getting dinged for it so away they went.

We’ve received no news on the possibility of them signing a new lease in the building we are in so… it’s not looking good. One of the soda machines went missing so I’m not sure what that is all about. Just odd little things like that worries me – like the supervisors started going through closets and cleaning them out – that’s not a good sign either, right?! Some of the supervisors have been leaving early every day and taking Fridays or Mondays off. Some have been in “off site meetings” for 3 days straight – I don’t know if any of that means we’re closing down or if we are moving to a new location… I guess we’ll see how the next couple of weeks go…

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Feb 202019

Normally I have very bad dreams – ones I remember and others that just wake me up but I have no memory of what it was that scared me.

Sometimes I have very odd dreams – usually it has to do with the last thing I watched or read. Or maybe I have a problem that needs solving and in my dreams I’m trying to solve it.

I have dreams that are on repeat all night long – again, same as with the odd dreams, it’s usually something I read or watched before going to sleep or some problem I’m trying to work out.

None of these dreams stick with me for very long, if at all. I can’t hold the memory.

But every now and then, and it’s extremely rare… I have dreams like I’ve had for the last two nights… pleasant, lovely dreams. Remembering almost every detail. And even when someone I don’t like showed up in said dream I didn’t even care. Normally something like that would wake me up in pure annoyance or anger or disgust but instead my dreams were so happy that their appearance didn’t bother me at all – it also helped that in my dreams they were being very kind which is so out of the ordinary for them in real life.

I’ve been plagued by bad dreams my whole life – but this… I don’t get these very often. I mean, I can count on one hand how often this has happened, and that’s including these last two nights.

I know it can’t last forever but I’d love a couple more nights of this.

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Feb 132019

I ended up taking 4 hours off yesterday to get home ahead of the storm and even then there was still a solid 2 inches on the ground by the time I left work. It was coming down like crazy.

I also took today off too – the storm wasn’t as bad as they predicted – the freezing rain was not all that bad – but the truth is… I took the day off because 1. I needed a day off and 2. my rib/chest muscles have been causing me a lot of pain lately. The constant ache has been gone a while now but it was replaced by muscle cramps/spasms and that gave me a whole new definition for pain.

Goddamn radiation – maybe it will keep the cancer from coming back but it fucks you up for life either way. But at least I have the chance to live, even in pain, unlike some others who cancer claimed.

I knew that I’d have to shovel and I knew this would make my ribs hurt even more but I finally psyched myself up to go out last night at 9:30 to clear the snow before the freezing rain/sleet was to start. I figured the rain might make it harder to clear the snow later and I was right judging by the looks of other cars who’s owners didn’t bother to shovel out ahead of time.

The snow turned out to be pretty dry and light so the sidewalks (I did mine and my neighbors) were easily dealt with but where they plowed and packed it down around my car it was unbearably heavy. Of course I managed but it cost me. I stayed out for almost 50 minutes, or, well – basically until I started seeing stars and I don’t mean the ones in the sky. I was exhausted by the time I came back in at least it was done. Maybe not quite up to my usual standards but, done.

The temptation to call out tomorrow and Friday and use sick time is very strong but I won’t do it. I’ll go and bear it like usual.

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Feb 102019

It is part 4? or 5? I’ve lost track.

CL showed up on Wednesday and then called out on Thursday… but showed up on Friday because, as she explained to me, she’s at 11 1/2 points and if she called out again she’d be fired.

Yeah, our attendance points cap out at 12. It takes some real work to get there though and that’s the only thing she has put any work into.

Although she hasn’t been written up on final yet I’m sure it’s coming on Monday and if it doesn’t I’m going to be greatly annoyed. It should have happened Friday but you know, supervisors are too busy plotting.

She claimed diarrhea was the problem… but for 3 weeks? I’m guessing she only meant this last week. She said her doctor told her not to come to work on Friday but she had to – and, indeed, she did HAVE to.

She also claimed to not realize that you had to have the PTO to use for sick time to have it count and not get points. I find this claim hard to believe as she’s often pointed out to me that I could have called out and used sick time because I have so much PTO banked. So she said this would “motivate” her to come to work and she’ll be getting a couple of points back in March and April so if she shows up she’ll earn those points back plus “accrue PTO so she can call out sick later” (direct quote).

You know what motivates me to go to work? Money. Money to pay my bills. Money to live the way I want to live. Money to buy food. All these things are pretty damned important – at least to me.

The main security dude that sits on the first floor of the building we’re in told us that we aren’t signing a new lease. At least that’s what the building management people told him. Guess we’ll see what happens in March (end of March) when our lease expires.

Part of me says that our site handles certain jobs that no one else really does but will that keep us from being closed? I doubt it. Then there’s the matter of our supervisor saying that we are not closing… is it a lie? Who knows. But if something does happen I think I’ll be okay for a little while – I have no debt (except $50 on a credit card at the moment) – I definitely live below my means so there’s not a lot for me to cut out or even cut down on but I do have a couple of things that I don’t really need and can always restart later.

Who knows what’s true anymore. I keep watching the supervisors to see if they come in all dressed up and disappear during the middle of the day (for interviews) but so far, nothing. They are still plotting so maybe that’s a good sign.

Once again my supervisor and Jeanne’s are going after the mailbox that I work. Why? I have no idea. It’s not like it effects them. They can plot all they like but it’s out of their hands… they have no control over it. Resource Management owns it and they decide who has access and who doesn’t. I have access and no one else. It’s a job that needs to be done daily by someone who’s qualified and, like it or not, that’s me. Or they could rely on CL to do it… you know, when she bothers to show up. *shrug*

I generally hate Monday’s and Tuesdays but this week I’m really not looking forward to Tuesday especially… we are supposed to get 9-11 inches of snow during the day. Fun times. Perhaps I’ll see if I can take the day off. I am back up to 259.5 hours of PTO anyway and get another 9.25 on Friday.

Meh. We’ll see… hopefully not too many people have asked for it off yet.

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Feb 102019

I became a First Member on Roosterteeth.com back in September. You get some perks with membership, obviously – % off on merch in their online store, exclusive content, you get to see shows the day they’re released instead of having to wait *an entire week* later (this can be a VERY long time), not to mention it supports their efforts in continuing projects/shows/ content that you like.

Okay. Maybe that sounds a bit ridiculous to some of you but I did it because of my absolute and unexplainable love of all things RWBY.

Membership is $4.99 a month or if you pay for the year it’s $36 that’s what I got – a year long membership. A couple I know do the monthly thing for the run of RWBY and then stop which seems weird to me. For those 4 months they pay $20 when they could choose the 6 month price for the same amount. Or, well, a year for just $15 more. But, whatever, it’s their money and they can spend it how they like.

Anyway. Because I’m just that kind of person who absolutely has to feel like I get my money’s worth… now that the RWBY season is over I started looking at their other content. At first I didn’t find much that appealed to me, off the bat. They have a new show that started at the end of RWBY called Gen:Lock which is really about Mechs and I’m not so much into that but I have been watching and I find it interesting so far.

I also discovered a show called “Always Open” – which I think is also a podcast but I could never listen to it as a podcast – I have to see these people’s faces while they discuss things. It has almost no relevance to my life but they are pretty amusing (as in they make me laugh out loud) and I also find their openness and open-mindedness very refreshing. It gives me a lot of hope.

Maybe I’ll find other shows on there that I’ll like – after I’m done binging all the back episodes of this one.

Oh the things I do while waiting for Volume 6 of RWBY to come out in iTunes…

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Feb 062019

Riding the elevator up to The Office this morning I met someone who works for another company on the 7th floor. They told me that they’ll be taking over what was our space in April.

So… no, my supervisor didn’t lie and say that the 7th floor was still available but she didn’t answer the question either and led us to believe that we still had the 7th floor which we clearly don’t.

When I got to my floor I met my lead, who sits over the wall from me when I’m not making phone calls… we were talking about how it feels like people are being targeted and she agreed and told me she’s one of them. They can’t tell you that you have to improve your numbers in a function but they are finding ways around it but the sentiment is still the same…

It’s funny how NO ONE has said a word to me about improving my numbers in the one job I suck at. My numbers aren’t horrible though – and I rarely make a mistake so it’d be foolish for them to push me. Also. I would fight back and they know it.

My recent attitude about my workplace notwithstanding, I’m still the best damn employee they have. I’ve made it very hard for them to come after me for anything.

Which all leads to me wonder… why are they targeting so many people? Why aren’t they firing the obvious cheaters? They say that our site won’t be shut down and yet… I don’t know… I told Jeanne that it feels like they are trying to set it up to not pay out severance except to people that they have to pay it to.

I hope I’m wrong. But something feels very, very wrong.

CL finally showed up today and I found out that the whole “calling out 3 days in a row” only applies to 3 consecutive days – the weekend saved her ass and she knew it – it’s why she did it.

But still. This makes the third week in a row that she called out two days in a row and around the weekend. I was expecting her to be called in to a meeting today (and I think she was too by the sheepish behavior) but nope. And that pisses me off beyond belief. They let her get away with this shit while targeting someone like my lead who works hard at this job.

The pharmacists have very little work and are being forced to sit in downtime for 3 hour stretches while there are other queues that they could be working in but the company resource management team tells them not to work in those queues. Some still do it because they can’t stand to sit there for 3 hours. Personally? I wouldn’t mind just sitting for 3 hours! I was busting my ass to get my points in just to leave an hour early today and I had to make up 136 points on top of my 800.

Most of my job was in the calling function today and it’s been ridiculous. Not only have people been super rude lately but I had two orders today where a tech left a clear message saying we need your *physical* address and when the people returned the call the customer service tech got their post office box.

Are you fucking kidding me?! I just wanted to scream at these people to read the damn call notes and see why the clients are calling us back.

Both of these calls were made minutes before I got the order which means I would have had to call them back immediately which would definitely create abrasion.

Luckily someone else called on the first one while I still had the order and the client said “Just cancel it, this is too much, I’ll get it at retail!” (I don’t blame them). The second one? Well, I had 3 choices… call them back and apologize while they reamed me out for someone else’s mistake, suspend the order for 2 more days per the SOP or suspend it for 10 days and make the client call us back yet again. I opted for the 10 days. It was probably the wrong choice but it’s the one I felt most comfortable with. Not doubt I’ll get in trouble for it, unless I’m extremely lucky… *shrug* Oh well. I refuse to call someone back and just take a beating for someone else who isn’t doing their fucking job, I do that enough as it is and I’ll tell them as much if I do get called out for it.

I get having an off day – I, myself, was having a not so fantastic day. I called someone this morning but I got one of those blaring noises that the number didn’t work so I made a note and moved on…. about 3 orders later I realized that I hadn’t logged into my phone yet so of course the first call I made went nowhere but it was too late to go back and pull it – I had already pended it and I don’t have the authority to unpend it. I was going to talk to someone about unpending it for me and then I thought ‘why bother?’. If they gave us time to do things like that – like go into meeting and go find someone and explain the situation but, no, we aren’t allowed to do that anymore. They micro-manage every second and that’s not in my schedule so I didn’t.

I hate feeling like this – I hate working like this! I’m used to doing the right thing – going above and beyond – but they’re making it too hard to do that anymore. And certainly not worth your time and effort because you just get tagged with an error instead of praised for correcting it.

Jeanne’s supervisor called her in and said that her release rate is too high. Jeanne explained why to her again – for the 15th time – and finally she said, in exasperation, “Why don’t you just fire me then?!” and her supervisor said “Oh no! You can’t be fired for this. We just want to make you aware of it. We don’t hold this thing against you.” Then why all the meetings about it?? Please. How many times have we heard the words “We won’t hold this against you.” but then they bring it up in our review. Jeanne told her that if she ever has a review and it’s brought up she will walk out of that review immediately.

See? I’m not the only one who is sick of this shit.

The pharmacists are pissed too – Jeanne said that in their team meeting yesterday (while we were having ours) that her supervisor made a joke which usually makes people laugh… not one person laughed. Then she opened it up for questions and the pharmacists always have a million questions but not this time. Not one peep. They used to care if they piss the pharmacists off because it’s their licenses we use to keep our site open but lately? I don’t think they care anymore.

Like I said… something feels very off.

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Feb 052019

If you haven’t read the first part I suggest you do that, um… first.

All caught up? Good. Let’s continue the saga…

I don’t believe I mentioned that a couple of weeks ago they discovered asbestos in the walls on the 6th floor… we haven’t heard anything else about that since. Just that it was “being dealt with.”

Also something else I didn’t mention is that a couple of weeks ago there was a leak in the roof in one of our departments and there’s been a tarp hanging from the ceiling ever since. I have no idea when that will be fixed, if ever.

What’s that you say? You thought we were going to be renovating soon anyway?

Pardon me while I take a moment to laugh hysterically.


Thanks. Now that that’s out of my system I can continue.

We actually had a team meeting today and the renovations were discussed but I’ll get to that in a minute. I need to do this in order.

We had our meeting because there is a rumor going around that the company was shutting down our site. The manager directed our supervisors to put this rumor to rest – we are not closing. Our supervisor told us this quite firmly but Jeanne’s supervisor is a bit of a nutter and didn’t really make that clear and the pharmacists on her team are the ones that actually started the rumor so, yeah, it would have been helpful if she had cleared that up with them to make them stop spreading it around.

The reason people thought our site is closing is because our lease is up in March and there’s been no word that it’s been renewed. We also heard that they gave up the 7th floor (which would explain the monitors being moved up to the 8th floor last month – also note that the reason why they were moved was all a lie) so that begs the question as to where we’ll go while they’re renovating… *IF* they renovate.

Our supervisor wouldn’t clarify if we did give up the 7th floor – maybe she didn’t want to compound the lies. But the security people have been emphatic about it – we no longer hold the lease on the 7th floor.

Apparently the people who run the building are dragging their feet on the lease but it’s not clear why. She told us that management calls for meetings every week but they get cancelled without explanation or nothing is settled… I don’t know. It was all very confusing and not very informative.

As for the renovations – well, again, cancelled meetings and no clear answer from the building management OR from our new merged leadership (we merged with an insurance company so we are now equal but separate companies. That too is very confusing.)

So basically she didn’t really tell us anything except to say that we are not closing.

Before the meeting started, while we were waiting for stragglers, someone said “It’s gotta be bad news. You only call us together for bad news now.” The girl that our supervisor is plotting against (again, see part one) said “Then why are we having this meeting? Just tell us.” and our supervisor had the nerve to joke with her and say “We’re getting rid of you, that’s what the meeting is about.”

How she had the nerve to say that to her face and then say “just joking” is beyond me. I was furious.

On top of that – there was a joke with Ted. Ted took a vacation recently but while he was away he got sick so he went to the doctor the day after his vacation ended and the doctor pulled him out of work for the rest of the week – like 3 days. He got a doctor’s note but our supervisor told him that a doctor’s note will no longer be enough to stop you from getting points because that’s what “sick time” is for. You are allowed 56 hours a year to use as sick time and not be charged any points but you have to have the PTO to cover whatever you use and he didn’t because he had just taken vacation so he had no PTO left.

But here’s the kicker… it’s at the supervisor’s discretion. She could have just given him one point but I have a feeling she gave him all 3. So not only was he out of work for 3 days without pay but he also got points for it and those points last 6 months before they drop off.

So before the meeting started she said hello to him and usually he jokes with her at the meetings but he barely acknowledged her and she told all of us that “their relationship was going through a rough patch”…. I can’t say that I blame him one bit. I mean, yes, he should have had the PTO to cover it – it’s not just for vacation but for emergencies and illnesses and that’s why I keep so many hours – just in case of things like that.

Meanwhile… CL – the cheater? Remember I said she called out Monday and Tuesday two weeks ago and then Thursday and Friday last week?

Guess who hasn’t been at work so far this week…

That’s right. She has not been seen Monday or today. I am reasonably sure she’s not out on bereavement. Or jury duty. Her stuff is still on her desk so she’s clearly not been fired, YET. But I know she doesn’t have the PTO for sick time so if she has been sick she’s getting points for it which will put her dangerously close to being fired for attendance. I asked the lead what was going on and she said she would tell me if she knew but only the supervisors are privy to that and that she’s been wondering the same thing. Guess we’ll see if she bothers to show up tomorrow.

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Feb 022019


Friday was a shit day.

First of all… let me try to convey my annoyance at my co-worker CL who called out Monday and Tuesday last week (without benefit of having enough PTO to cover her time off) and then she called out Thursday and Friday this week. It must be nice to not have to worry about getting paid… it also must be nice to have two 4-day weekends in a row and only work 3 days a week. Yet, she continues to get away with this shit.

Working in the calling area last week and this week has been horrible. People have been so fucking rude. If you’re going to be rude to people who call you then do us all a favor and don’t answer your phone. Let it go to voicemail. Call us back with the info we need.

These people will ask that we call them for permission before we send anything but then get huffy when we do.

People answer their phone and then whisper they’re in a meeting and they can’t talk.

People’s doctors send us their prescriptions and then give us an old address so we have to verify what their current address is but when we call them to do that they hang up on us before we even get to why we’re calling.

One woman wanted to be called to give us permission before we send anything so I called her to ask if she needed a particular medication that was in process but first I have to verify I’m talking to the correct person so I don’t violate HIPAA – I asked her to verify her DOB and she said “But you called me!” Yes, yes I did… but I still have to verify that I’m talking to the correct person. *sigh*

So. Last week I had a “presidential order” – that means that it’s a highly escalated order and the pt is very upset. There are no SOPs for these orders so I did exactly as we were told in training – I checked the notes, I checked our special handling notes, and I double checked the address. Everything was in order so I marked it as complete and let it go. I got an email 3 minutes later (3 minutes! in 3 minutes I can do 2-4 orders in that time) saying “that order you have can you send it to me” – that order I had 3 minutes ago? No, I can’t. It’s gone. Then I was berated, via email, about working a “presidential order” and how only the “presidential team” can do that.

I didn’t know that. No one else I work with knew that.

This person decided to be a bitch about it and email my supervisor and make a big deal over it. My supervisor didn’t get upset about it – she just forwarded on their email and said “Don’t work these just put them on your shelf”. I emailed back and apologized but I don’t think I needed to, honestly. There’s no SOP – I did what I was trained to do. The supervisor said it was “no biggie”. Fine. Whatever. I saved that email just in case I ever need it.

So fast forward to Thursday. I was working in the phone call area and my co-worker in the next seat said “Hey, what do I do with this?” – yup, a presidential order. I told her what our supervisor told me to do – put it on her shelf and someone will pull it and work it. But then she had to move to a different job so she emailed the supervisor and…. she gave her different instructions than what she gave me! We’re supposed to email our lead and have her take care of them. That would have been nice to know…

Friday I had a presidential order so I put it on my shelf and emailed the lead who said “send it to …” I didn’t know if she meant email her or just transfer the order but I decided to do what was easiest for me… transfer the order directly to this woman.

Then I had a “pend rls” issue. The SOP says “hold for 15 minutes and if someone doesn’t work it then contact your lead or supervisor”. I did this last week and the supervisor in charge of the phone area had no idea what I was talking about even after I quoted the SOP to her. This time I contacted the lead who emailed me back with “What about it?”

Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me. ?!

So I reminded her of what the SOP says and she said “Oh. Well, just check the address, resolve the edit, and let it go.” Yes, I kept *that* email as well because that is NOT what the SOP says to do.


Omg, what a day!

I got an order that had a note on it saying “update address”. I followed the SOP that said “look for notes in their file for the address” – I found one right away. The pt had verified their address on 1/29 and it matched what we had in the system. Done. Quick and easy. 3 orders later I got an email saying “That one you have, either update it to the POB or send it back to me to do.”

Um… that order was 3 orders ago. It’s in the backend now and changing the address is next to impossible without an act of god.

I didn’t bother responding to her but I looked up her notes – she made a whole bunch of errors.

  • She unjoined that rx from the others when she didn’t have to.
  • She should have unjoined it and sent it to her shelf instead of letting it go into the general queue.
  • She should have put in the notes first before unjoining it then after she unjoined it an edit would have fired allowing others to see what she had done and make any updates needed.

The address I didn’t update (because I didn’t know I needed to because she didn’t put in her notes first) is still a good address to send it to – it’s just that the woman wants her temperature sensitive meds to go to the physical address and her other meds to her POB. The one I had wasn’t temp sensitive but it’ll be going to her physical address. It’s not like it’s a wrong address… just not the post office and she, herself, verified her physical address as her shipping address just 3 days ago.

Just in case I get tagged with an error for it I decided it needed to be documented with my supervisor. Also, if it needed to be stopped and updated in the backend she would have to do it. So I emailed her all the info and briefly explained the situation. She never emailed me back but I didn’t need an answer – I did my part the rest was up to her.

This was at 9:00. She replied at 2:00 saying “I just saw your email. We should have reached out to the backend to get the address changed. I don’t believe it will be a problem but if something happens we can fight it because we have the time stamp on your email to me.”

I kind of lost my temper.

Okay. There was no “kind of”… I did lose my temper.

Just a little.

Okay. A lot.

First of all – it’s not my fucking fault she has not been at her goddamn desk all day. I did exactly what I should have done – the only thing I could have done… emailed my supervisor. I don’t have the ability, clearance, or access to get in touch with of the backend.

Secondly. THIS WASN’T ON ME. This was the other tech’s mistake all the way around. So I emailed her back and said as much. I gave her the same list I posted above… if anyone is going to be tagged with an error the other tech should be because I followed my SOP and did nothing wrong. And I said that. AND I told her I was just documenting it in case there was a problem down the road and I probably wouldn’t remember all the circumstances.

And after I sent this reply (I would have talked to her but she wasn’t at her desk – just like she is NEVER at her desk) I checked my points and I had more than enough to leave so I walked.

It pisses me off that the site had a “Super Bowl potluck” today and all the supervisor were doing that for 2 hours instead of doing their fucking jobs.

It pisses me off that whenever my supervisor isn’t in senseless, endless meetings she is in another supervisor’s cubicle and they are plotting how to fire certain people.


I’m not kidding.

They are often overheard talking about “a tech” who “did this or that”. They are careful not to drop names but everyone who sits down there can hear them talking.

For example. Jeanne overheard them talking about a tech the other day in the calling function who gets points “too fast”. Well, that’s not hard to figure out – they were talking about CL.

On Thursday Decaf overheard them talking about a tech that does two jobs but she’s only good in one and flexes all the time because she’s using PTO to avoid the harder job. *Note: it’s not “against any rules” to use PTO. If it so happens that you use it while you are supposed to be doing a job you hate then so be it.*

Today Jeanne overheard them slip up – they didn’t say the tech’s name but they gave enough info away to for Jeanne to know who they’re talking about – the same person who was told to “work faster” but then she made mistakes and was told “one more mistake and you will be on Final.”

It all makes you paranoid because what if they decide to go after you next?!

Also. If they get rid of this one tech *before* getting rid of CL I’m going to be pissed. At least this other tech actually shows up for work.

Our supervisor keeps begging for overtime from us in a job I hate. I refuse to do it. Every time I see her all I see is someone who has lied to my face and now is plotting behind people’s backs to get them fired. She disgusts me. The mere site of her causes me to snarl (at her back). I can’t stand her or the other supervisor. And if this keeps up – the plotting in the other supervisor’s cubicle, I’m going to the manager. I’m tired of being made to feel like we all have targets on our back and that they can just randomly pick someone to go after.

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Jan 282019

Over the weekend, sometime Saturday late afternoon, I started developing a cough. I didn’t feel bad, I was slightly stuffed up but that’s nothing new in my world with all the allergies I have.

Sunday I stared with the wheezing – but the people downstairs were smoking those godawful cheap cigarettes and it was leaking into my apartment – and I still was feeling okay.

By the time this morning rolled around I knew I was sick but I still don’t FEEL sick. It’s weird. Stupid cough but that’s it.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. There’s a couple of people at work who have “walking pneumonia” and others who have been sick for 2 weeks now. There’s not much they can do but come to work. Maybe I’ve caught something from one of them but… honestly? I really don’t feel sick at all. It’s weird.

I stopped at a store to get cough syrup and cough drops to get me through the day at work… while I was there I bought a few necessary groceries. When I went to pay (this is a store I rarely go to) I discovered that they now have 6 self-checkout lines and only one regular line manned by an actual person and that line had a sign that said 14 or less items only.

I don’t use self-checkout unless I have no other choice – I don’t like them replacing people with machines and I don’t like them putting me to work to buy the things I want.

Anyway. I looked at my basket of 26 items and decided, fuck that. I put my things on the manned line. There was no one behind me so it’s not like I was holding anyone up with my extra items either.

The clerk pushed her glasses down to the tip of her nose and peered over them in a very disapproving glare but, you know what? Today was NOT the day to mess with me. I gave her a look right back, using the classic Spock arched eyebrow, that definitely conveyed “Choose your battles carefully. Is this a hill you wish to die on today?” – she got the message and ended up saying “Good morning.” and then quietly ringing up my things without another word.

That’s right. I’m not a little girl you can scold so push your goddamn glasses back up and do your job. A job I’m trying to save by not using the self-checkout.

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Jan 272019

*I watch an anime called RWBY… one of the main villains is Dr. Watts… I overheard a pharmacist on the phone to a Dr. Watts and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. It was a pity that my co-worker, Kelley wasn’t there that day to hear it too because she’s the only one who could have appreciated it and would have laughed with me but, nope, I just looked like a crazy person laughing to myself. I told Kelley about it this morning via Facebook and she said “We’re too late! Salem’s already infiltrated the company! You know that actually explains a lot.” – she’s right, it really would explain a lot.

*I had to call someone who had a funny last name… while I did not laugh like CJ I definitely had to take a moment to center myself before calling.

It turns out he was a funny guy (the guy with the funny last name) – I had to call him because his doctor tacked on a note saying to call when the RX was ready. He had no idea his doctor gave this instruction and found it hilarious. He had this beautiful laugh that made me laugh right along with him. I hope, with all my heart, that they audit that call.

*Also while working in the phone queue, I noticed a note in someone’s file that said “Her name is Joan – pronounced ‘Joanne’.” and I was never so grateful that I did NOT have to call her. Sometimes you can just get a sense of people from the notes…

*We got a weird email from our Supervisor on Wednesday… one of the jobs that some people do on the team, but not me thankfully!!, is inputting the other half of the RX that I don’t have to… drug name, doses, days supply, etc… I have been trained in this job but it was just a stepping stone to the next job in Quality Assurance. Their job is pretty tough and it’s easy to make a mistake (I made plenty!) so they have a “challenge” going on right now with a ladder and a cut-out of a man climbing said ladder, nicknamed “Kenny” by our supervisor after Kenny from South Park.

Poor Kenny has been thrown off the ladder and on to the floor, cut in half, and finally the last straw was when he disappeared altogether, not once but twice forcing our supervisor to “make a new Kenny” for the ladder.

The supervisor sent out a serious email asking people to stop maiming, stealing, or dislodging Kenny – well, it was supposed to be serious but it made us all howl with laughter.

Thursday we had our team lunch in one of the nearby conference rooms. I remember staring at this thing on the side of the thin client in there and wondering what it was – finally Decaf saw what I was staring at and my puzzled expression and she started laughing – she turned it toward our supervisor – it was Kenny, stuck to the side of this thin client. I never even paid attention to what Kenny looked like before so no wonder I didn’t recognize it – also, he’s all black except for a white belt and the thin client is black so it all kind of blended in to the point that I couldn’t tell what exactly was different about it but I knew something wasn’t right.

The supervisor half-laughed about it but she also expressed a lot of frustration wanting to know who keeps doing it. *shrug* I have no idea, but whoever they are? They are my hero. Fight THE MAN! Power to THE PEOPLE!

I said this to someone just a few days ago – she was recently trained in that job and she claims that the powers that be told her she needed to go faster (which they aren’t allowed to say because production numbers no longer count against you – only mistakes) but when she went faster she made errors. Now she’s one mistake away from a final because of it. Everyone seems to think it’s her who keeps messing with Kenny and it might be… if it is, would you blame her?

But still, one wonders why someone would put Kenny in the conference room stuck to the side of a thin client where he wasn’t likely to be found. That’s very random… why not put him in places he would be discovered? Like stuck to the corner of the TV in the breakroom? Or on the wall with all the stats that we used to use for our team meetings, you know, when we had team meetings (which we haven’t had in about a year now except when they have something bad to tell us).

And to cut Kenny in half… that’s animosity but then again, there is a lot of anger at how things are going in our company and at our site right now. So to whoever is doing it – well, I share their hostility. It’s definitely something I’d have done in my younger days before apathy and indifference set in.

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